5 Reasons to Consider Stock Plan Administration Outsourcing Services

Is your stock administration department stretched too thin this year? How are your department goals working for you?  Have you been bogged down with online meetings and reporting?  Are there enough hours in the day for you to do all that you need to do?  Do you have projects that are not getting your attention due to your daily work?  Are you overwhelmed and consumed with challenges?

SPS/GZ is ready to jump in and come to your assistance with your E*TRADE’s Equity Edge Online (“EEO”) platform.  We offer short-and long-term remote stock plan administration staffing and outsourcing services.  Our experienced team is flexible and accustomed to working remotely.  Five immediate tasks that SPS/GZ will manage in order to relieve the burden of administering your equity compensation program follow:

  1. Knowledgeable certified equity professionals manage all daily stock plan activity
  2. Transaction processing from start to finish
  3. Assistance with equity accounting and financial reporting
  4. EEO database maintenance, as well as database clean-up (if requested)
  5. Communication with company HR, accounting, payroll, and legal contacts; act as liaison between transfer agent and broker 

*** SPS/GZ also handles IRC 6039 and 1099 reporting to assist companies with year-end tax reporting responsibilities

Why hobble through the year when our comprehensive services can bring peace of mind and assurance that allow you to free up your time to carry on? 

SPS/GZ’s team of certified professionals (CEPs, CPAs) offer affordable, best-in-class administration solutions.  Our comprehensive offerings include EEO database audits and implementations, managing all daily administration processes and database maintenance. 

SPS/GZ distinguishes itself with our dedication to details, customized & creative solutions, and our commitment to exceeding our clients’ service expectations.  Our stock plan administration outsourcing and consulting clients know who their representatives are and call on them to obtain prompt answers to their questions and swift resolution of complex issues. 

Contact us today to schedule a call with the team.  What are you waiting for?   

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