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SPS/GZ is a specialized stock plan administration firm that provides…

stock plan outsourcing to both public and private companies. The main distinction between SPS/GZ and other firms is our dedicated, personalized service and our commitment to complete outsourcing in all disciplines related to equity compensation. Just like our 1099 service, our stock plan administration clients know who their representatives are and can call on them to obtain prompt answers to their questions and swift resolution of complex issues. SPS/GZ manages the administration of most equity compensation instruments, including Employee Stock Options, Restricted Stock (RSA/RSU), Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Performance-Based Awards and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) programs. We have a team of certified professionals who offer best-in-class administration solutions. Our robust offerings include database audits and implementations, all daily administration tracking and processes, correspondence with brokers and transfer agents related to transaction processing, financial reporting assistance, taxation compliance and best practices consultation.

Types of Stock Plan Administration Service Offerings Include

Comprehensive Outsourcing
Database Consulting Projects
Valuation and Financial Reporting Consulting
IRC 6039 Reporting Services
Co-Sourcing Solutions
Fill-In Administration Services

Stock Plan Outsourcing

Companies looking to set up an employee stock purchase plan often seek providers that offer comprehensive and reliable administration of their ESPPs. They expect accuracy in managing participant enrollments, contributions, and distributions, as well as compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and tax implications, whether issuing restricted stock or other types of employee stock options.

Additionally, companies desire user-friendly platforms for both employees and stock plan administrators to navigate easily, access essential information, and make transactions efficiently. A trusted partner like SPS/GZ is the one to fulfill these expectations through our expertise in stock plan administration, robust technology solutions, dedicated customer support, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality services tailored to each client’s needs. With a focus on accuracy, compliance, and user experience, SPS/GZ can be seen as the perfect choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient stock plan administrator.

Restricted Stock

Restricted stock refers to company shares that are granted to employees or stakeholders with certain restrictions placed upon them, typically regarding transferability and ownership rights. These restrictions often include a vesting period, during which the recipient must remain employed by the company or achieve specific performance goals before gaining full control over the shares. Companies opt to issue restricted stock as part of employee compensation packages or incentives to align the interests of employees with those of shareholders, fostering loyalty, motivation, and long-term commitment. Additionally, restricted stock can serve as a retention tool, encouraging key personnel to remain with the company over an extended period. By tying the ownership of stock to performance or tenure, companies aim to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and ultimately, shareholder value.


Employee Stock Options

Stock options are a type of equity compensation that allows employees to purchase shares of stock shares at a pre-set purchase price, called an exercise price or strike price. Stock options typically vest over a number of years to encourage retention and incentivize employees to participate in and reap the benefits of the company’s success. Many companies will include them as part of a compensation plan for prospective employees. Because the exercise price stays the same, if the value of the stock goes up, employees could make money on the difference.

Features of SPS/GZ solution

Elite technological software solutions, including Equity Edge Online and spsgzXchange™ portal.
Dedicated, knowledgeable service representatives (CEPs and CPAs).
Proactive service model, identifying how new regulations and trends will affect company plans and reporting.
On-line trading for employees.
24/7 on-line access to account information.
Strategic relationships with other vendors and service providers.
Contact us to learn how SPS/GZ can be your company’s trusted partner for stock plan administration and tax form reporting services. We look forward to being your stock plan administrator for years to come.

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Contact us to learn how SPS/GZ can be your company’s trusted partner for stock plan administration and tax form reporting services.