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We have been extremely happy with the high level of service by the SPS/GZ team and their personal approach to the ACA reporting process. They provided us with exceptional guidance through a process that we expected to be difficult. With their experience and straightforward directions, we were able to get our data loaded easily so they could generate the forms with the necessary coding and have them mailed/filed on time. We would highly recommend them to any organization looking for reputable ACA reporting services.

Dave H.
Peoria, IL

SPS/GZ was extremely professional, responsive and accommodating to our specific needs. They led us through a first time company process patiently while meeting all goals on time. The tools provided to accomplish our tasks were user friendly and efficient. We would highly recommend them and look forward to continuing our work with them. Our contact, Kathryn Weber, was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance on the process. She was outstanding to work with.

Irka T.
Chairman of the Board
Chicago, IL

The team at SPS/GZ is great to work with! They have outstanding customer service and are always available and happy to help solve any issues that we come across. Their vast knowledge and expertise along with their dedicated work ethic make them the perfect partner. I would highly recommend SPS/GZ!

Eileen J.
Global Equity Program Manager
Lake Forest, IL

I am a benefits consultant and have partnered with SPS/GZ (ACA reporting services) for the past 4 years. Both our organization and our clients have been very happy with their services. They are professional, courteous, and competitively priced. No hesitation to recommend.

Rick M.
Service Planning Corporation
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SPS/GZ is an amazing partner to work with. They handled our company’s 3922 filings for several years. Their expertise and knowledge, as well as their outstanding customer service, made my life so much easier. I would recommend their company for any third party services that you might need.

Karen M.
Stock Plan Administrator
Minneapolis, MN

I have worked with the SPS/GZ professionals for various consulting and tax form reporting projects for more than 15 years. They are professional, proactive and have high level of technical expertise. I would highly recommend them for any tasks requiring accounting, tax compliance or equity compensation expertise.

Pat G.
Executive Director
Chicago, IL

Over the years, SPS/GZ has provided exceptional customer service. They keep their clients informed with the most up to date ACA reporting information specific to IRS rules and regulations. Our company has had great success with their staff. They are highly competitive and knowledgeable in this area of expertise. Kathryn, Mary Pat and the rest of team are wonderful to work with!

Alex S.
Sr. HR Generalist
Pennsauken, NJ

I am very pleased with the service SPS/GZ provided this year for the ACA reporting process. I was already a customer of their stock plan services, so I knew they were top notch. So I decided to try their ACA services, and I was not disappointed. They made the process easy and took care of every detail including the mailing to employees and filing with federal and state agencies. Their solid advice when I asked questions and expertise in reviewing my data proved to me that my ACA reporting needs were in good hands. I highly recommend SPS/GZ for ACA reporting services.

George B.
Director of Global Compensation, Benefits and HRIS
Maynard, MA

We have been using their ACA Reporting service for years. They are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to help keep us compliant.

Renay D.
Benefits Manager
Brighton, MI

This is my first time getting the pleasure to work with this fantastic, knowledgeable SPS/GZ Team and they were extremely helpful from start to finish with the ACA reporting process. I would not of been able to do this on my own without their expertise and assistance and guiding me through the ACA Reporting and what all that entails to the IRS rules and regulations. I know our company has been using them before I was on board and I personally will continue us using their professional services. I would highly recommend Kathryn, Mary Pat and the rest of their SPS/GZ Team for your ACA reporting services.

Kari C.
Rewards Analyst
Denver, CO

We have used SPS/GZ for Section 6039 and ACA Reporting and have received outstanding, comprehensive and accurate service. The team is professional, dependable and very personable.

Pat H.
Dyer, IN

I am very happy with the ACA reporting that SPS/GZ has provided service for. Great communication and very helpful.

Brynn R.
Benefits Specialist
Milwaukee, WI

I have found the staff of SPS/GZ to be extremely dedicated and helpful. Phone calls and questions are answered promptly.

Jennifer B.
Associate Director
Waltham, MA

I have used SPS/GZ for various projects for the past nine years. They have always been very responsive and have lent great expertise to the services they have provided. The professionals of SPS/GZ are reliable, and I trust them to handle the most critical stock plan administration projects for our company. This is why I have hired SPS/GZ to manage our IRC Section 6039 filings & mailings.

Kathy K.
Manager, Stock and Insurance Administration
Lake Forest, IL

Stock Plan Solutions/Green Zapato (SPS/GZ) has provided a complete, reliable outsourcing service for our stock option & RSU plans since we went public in 2007. They provide a comprehensive and personal approach to stock plan administration. They handle all the inputs into the Equity Edge system and are very knowledgeable with regards to ASC Topic 718 and stock plan accounting. We are very happy to be a client of SPS/GZ.

Suzy S.
Chief Accounting Officer
Mountain View, CA

Our company chose SPS/GZ to manage our equity plan administration because of their commitment to excellent customer service along with the timeliness and accuracy of their work. We have several different types of awards under our employee equity plan, and the professionals at SPS/GZ have exhibited the knowledge and expertise to handle all of them.

Jeff C.
Senior Director, Administration
Houston, TX

We chose SPS/GZ because it demonstrated commitment and expertise in servicing comparably sized companies with similar equity plan administration needs. SPS/GZ has consistently provided high-quality, responsive services.

Nora D.
Assistant General Counsel
Houston, TX

The professionals at SPS/GZ possess the experience and talent to execute all aspects of a public company’s SEC/IRS reporting, stock administration and investor relations functions. They are consummate professionals who are able to manage multifaceted projects under high-pressure situations, including an IPO and management crisis situation. They have the flexibility to be able to develop the big picture and then deliver on the detail. I highly recommend them to prospective clients.

Lisa M.
Strategy Consultant
New York, NY

SPS/GZ is responsive and efficient. One of my clients was an early adapter of ASC Topic 718 and the professionals at SPS/GZ were quick and thorough in helping us make the transition. They maintain a very high quality of governance over stock option benefit plans.

Jonathan W.
Palo Alto, CA

We chose SPS/GZ to handle the day-to-day administration of our equity compensation plans before we executed our IPO. We also relied on their expertise in implementing an Employee Stock Purchase Plan and for adopting FAS 123(R)/ASC Topic 718. They are consistently responsive and reliable.

Adam D.
Chief Financial Officer
Chicago, IL

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