Our Story

People always ask us, “How did you get the name for your business?”

In order to properly explain, we have to first describe how SPS/GZ evolved. Stock Plan Solutions®/Green Zapato was formed in 2001 by a merger of two existing companies, Stock Plan Solutions Corp. and Green Zapato Consulting. SPS focused solely on equity compensation matters, bringing in-depth knowledge of best practices and stock plan policies and platforms to the table. Green Zapato Consulting professionals had concentrated more on public offerings, mergers, financial reporting and regulatory issues related to equity compensation plans. In fact, the name “Green Zapato” was derived from a “Wall Street term” called a greenshoe (or “over-allotment option”), which gives underwriters the right to sell additional shares in a registered securities offering at the offering price (“zapato” is Spanish for “shoe”). SPS and GZC combined their skills and expertise so that they could provide the most comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions on the market for stock plan administration consulting and outsourcing services.

The tax form segment of our business…

was started when the IRS adopted regulations pursuant to Section 6039 of the Internal Revenue Code in 2010. This tax code requires companies to provide stock plan participants with Form 3921 for all Incentive Stock Option (ISO) exercises and Form 3922 upon first transfer of legal title of shares acquired in conjunction with a qualified Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). SPS/GZ’s stock plan outsourcing clients began inquiring about services for these new tax forms. SPS/GZ wanted to provide a complete solution to their clients and other companies needing this service.

SPS/GZ then made the decision to invest…

in building a robust tax form platform that is highly secure, easy to use and provides full functionality. The portal allows seamless exchanges of confidential information and feeds into a software program capable of performing data audits and producing forms in an IRS acceptable format. Additionally, SPS/GZ sought out subject matter experts to ensure compliant procedures and sound internal control policies. This successful venture resulted in many clients requesting additional tax form reporting services from SPS/GZ, including 1099 forms and eventually the forms required under the Affordable Care Act. SPS/GZ proudly provides tax form reporting services to hundreds of satisfied clients and entities throughout the United States.

Organizations & Accolades

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