SPS/GZ’s proprietary interactive portal, spsgzXchange™, was developed in conjunction with industry experts in the fields of data security, tax and employee benefits law, including equity compensation. To protect the integrity of our clients’ data, we encrypt all sensitive data and use a three-tier login process to prevent unauthorized access. The spsgzXchange™ portal is intuitive and user-friendly. Clients utilize the portal for seamless and secure exchanges of data, as well as review, approval and corrections of tax forms. The spsgzXchange™ portal maintains an audit trail and interfaces directly with the IRS system in order to provide seamless and automatic filings and amendments.

Attributes of the proprietary spsgzXchange™ portal

Secure portal with Two-Factor Authentication for exchange of sensitive data.
Fully automated interface for reviewing, correcting and printing forms as needed.
Direct link with IRS built into portal.
Automatic review for completeness and reasonableness of data.
Creation of forms, including all necessary coding.
Electronic filing of forms with the IRS.
Unlimited amendments to forms with the IRS.
Online archival of data for minimum of 7 years.
Electronic audit trail of source files and forms mailed, filed and amended.

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