Form 1099-NEC Included in the IRS “Combined Federal/State Filing Program” for Tax Year 2021

The IRS announced that it will forward  Form 1099-NEC reporting data to some, but not all, states that participate in the “Combined Federal/State Filing Program”(CF/S). SPS/GZ highly recommends that you check your data against the updated IRS Publication 1220. Included is a list of participating states. 

If your organization needs TY2021 tax reporting assistance, reach out to us today. SPS/GZ has bandwidth for a few more tax reporting clients. The process of planning, staffing, ordering & housing supplies, printing, mailing, and filing tax form forms with the IRS is very time-consuming, costly, and challenging. We provide templates and guidance to our clients every step of the way during the busy tax reporting season. 

As part of a thorough review process, the SPS/GZ team gives state filing recommendations and guidance. Let SPS/GZ partner with you. An added benefit to our clients is the seamless ease through which corrections are made with the IRS through our safe and secure spsgzXchange™ portal. Reach out today at or call at (888)375-3049. 

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