Stock Plan Solutions/Green Zapato Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Stock Plan Solutions/Green Zapato (“SPS/GZ”) announced its 20th anniversary as a national, comprehensive stock plan and tax form reporting firm. SPS/GZ was formed as a merger of two firms, Stock Plan Solutions and Green Zapato Consulting, with the desire to offer the best-of-breed stock plan administration, accounting, and financial reporting services of both legacy firms. SPS/GZ has been continuously finding ways to meet the needs of its clients.  In 2010, when the IRS adopted IRC 6039 for reporting income related to certain equity compensation awards, SPS/GZ developed a leading-edge, secure portal, spsgzXchange, to offer a reliable tax reporting service to clients.  Satisfied clients began requesting assistance with other tax form reporting needs, such as Forms 1099 and the tax forms required under the Affordable Care Act. So, SPS/GZ expanded to become a full-service tax reporting provider.

From its inception in 2001, SPS/GZ has partnered with E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services to offer clients the best-in-class platform for managing the complexities of their equity compensation programs.  Clients of all sizes, both public and private, benefit from the deep expertise of SPS/GZ’s certified professionals.  The combination of robust technology with exceptional client service has made SPS/GZ a market leader in third-party stock plan administration services.

“Rick Zatz and I take great pride in what we’ve been able to accomplish over the past 20 years,” said Mary Pat Wood, Co-Founder and Principal.  “We consider all of our clients as friends and value the relationships we develop with them. Hitting the 20-year mark reflects the commitment that SPS/GZ has shown to its clients over the past two decades.  We are fortunate to not only have experienced continued year-over-year growth, but also to have maintained client loyalty that has generated multiple referrals throughout the years.”

Over the past 11 years, SPS/GZ has grown its tax form reporting segment to include nearly all information returns required by the IRS. Its solution includes a user-friendly corrections portal that interfaces with the IRS and knowledgeable professionals supporting the entire process, from form creation to printing, mailing, and e-filing with the IRS. A client recently remarked, “We really aren’t used to working with organizations who provide the level of customer service that you’ve provided throughout this process.”  SPS/GZ thinks this sums up the core value of its business model.

About SPS/GZ: 

Stock Plan Solutions/Green Zapato LLC (SPS/GZ), is a leading provider of stock plan outsourcing and tax form reporting solutions.  Our experienced professionals work closely with clients to ensure they are fully satisfied and compliant. For more information on SPS/GZ and our full-service solution, please contact us at (888) 375-3049 or visit our website,

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