Stock Plan Services

SPS/GZ provides outsourcing and consulting services to public and private companies. Whether your company offers Stock Options, Restricted Stock (RSA/RSU), or Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) programs, the certified professionals at SPS/GZ offer best-in-class administration solutions.

SPS/GZ is your one-source solution that provides:

  • Complete, reliable Stock Option, Restricted Stock and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) outsourcing and consulting services
  • IRC Section 6039 (Forms 3921/3922) and Form 1099 mailings and filings
  • Option and ESPP plan design, implementation and daily administration
  • Accounting/Financial Reporting:
  1. Black-Scholes/Binomial Lattice Models valuations and related footnote preparation for employee & non-employee equity grants (in accordance with ASC Topic 718 – formerly known as FAS 123R)
  2. Calculation of common stock equivalents for EPS purposes
  3. Financial modeling as it relates to equity compensation instruments
  4. Assistance with reports for Proxy Statement disclosures
  • SEC and IRS compliance
  • Taxation assistance for equity plans
  • Customized education presentations to plan participants
  • Training for stock plan administrators
  • Support for stock plan participants
  • Database implementations and third party database audits
  • Best practices consultation
  • Remote, temporary fill-in administration
  • Proprietary software solutions for calculating peer group volatility and tracking mobility for business travelers and relocations
  • Financial valuation services through an alliance partner
  • ESOP & 401(k) Administration and Internal Revenue Code Section 409A compliance advisory services through an alliance partner


Features of the SPS/GZ solution:

  • Elite technological software solutions
  • Toll-free hotline for employees
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable service representatives
  • Strategic relationships with other vendors and service providers
  • Regular updates on current trends and new pronouncements related to stock plan administration
  • For E*TRADE Corporate Clients:
    1. On-line trading for employees
    2. 24/7 on-line access to account information