1099 Tax Forms

1099 Reporting Services

During the busy year-end reporting season, it makes sense to take one more task off your to-do list. Outsourcing 1099 reporting saves companies valuable time and money. It also lends peace of mind to clients knowing that certified and experienced professionals are providing support and advice for complex issues. For 1099-MISC tax forms, the IRS now requires companies to electronically file these forms by January 31st, making outsourcing a must for most companies. The SPS/GZ solution allows for easy form creation, filing and seamless amendments of forms.

Let SPS/GZ be your trusted 1099 tax form reporting provider. Our solution allows companies to simply upload their 1099 data file to our secure portal in a few easy steps. We take it from there.

Below are the features of our robust 1099 outsourcing solution:

Review of data by certified professionals to ensure information meets the IRS regulations.
Creation of various 1099 forms.
Mailing of 1099 forms to recipients.
Electronic filing with the IRS.
Complimentary TIN-Matching services.
Printing and mailing of forms via First Class Mail.
Competitive pricing.
Includes features of spsgzXchange™ portal.

Contact us to learn how SPS/GZ can be your company’s trusted partner for stock plan administration and tax form reporting services.